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Jaume Ferrete
28/09/2015 - 15/10/2015

The research Afónica/Masculinities is a document as well as conversation based research and creation project on the issue of masculinities. It fits within the frame of the growing interest in this issue in academia and social movements. Special attention is paid to the problem of unsaying (from) a position characterized by the privilege of saying.

For this project the voices of that unsaying “male” position, if they can happen should be subjected to – possessed by – other voices. Repeat after them, as Echo the nymph. Be objects of ventriloquism. If they sound, these voices should doubt, stammer. Be voices of the loss of the control of the body. Stuttering, agitated by the squeaks of puberty -a sign of change-. With falsetto: ridiculed. Hoarse, flaccid voices, that can not.
Afónica/Masculinities builds on the work Jaume Ferrete has done in recent years on the subject of the political dimensions of voice and is developed among Catalan, Spanish, Latin-American and European contexts.

In collaboration with:

Sebastian Dingens - WALKS
Pavel Tchikov 29/11/23
Nika Son - Scatter

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