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Hacking the Piano: Patricia Alessandrini & Tiptoe company
19/10/2018 -

In “Hacking the piano” string instruments of Tiptoe Company & ChampdAction are confronted with the piano as a sound object. The performers enter into dialogue with “piano hackers”: artists/composers who have an original and personal relationship with the keyboard instrument. While they still use the piano, they have deconstructed or rebuilt the instrument to fit their own creative needs (cfr. Tim Mariën). The pianos are backed by modern technological means such as amplification and “live electronics” (cfr. Patricia Alessandrini). A “virtual instrument” is manifested, existing in parallel with the physical instruments and performers. A dramaturgical theme is established through scenic interventions in and around two old buffet pianos and a “fallen” piano in the center of the scene. Preparatory residences took place with Q-O2.


performance: Tiptoe Company & ChampdAction (in collaboration with ChampdAction/Studio for the electronics)

musicians: Jutta Troch (harp), Jona kesteleyn (gitaar), Pieter Lenaerts (contrabas), Jasmijn Lootens (cello), Liesbeth Lambrecht (strohviool), Fabian Coomans (piano), Sara Picavet (piano)

Music: Tim Mariën en Patricia Alessandrini

scenography: Anneleen De Causmaecker

sound: Dominik Boiy

technics: Istvan Leel-Össy

production: ChampdAction


More info: première on October 13 in the framework of Transit festival & performance on October 19 in deSingel

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