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post-residency concert
Guy De Bièvre & Anne La Berge & Johan Vandermaelen
03/11/2014 - 20:30 free

Guy De Bièvre, Johan Vandermaelen and Anne La Berge will perform ‘Time Zones 0.4 (private mutations)’ by Guy De Bièvre and a composition by Anne La Berge.

Guy De Bièvre :
Time Zones 0.4.1 – Private Mutations
by Anne La Berge, transverse flute and Guy De Bièvre, lap steel

“Time Zones 0.4.1 – Private Mutations is part of a series of works in which I carry out research into the perception of time, both in the ears of the audience and experienced by the performers. In 0.4, two performers take off in opposite directions within the same Timespace. A first version of the work (0.4) was created in 2013 in cooperation with Peter Zummo and Al Margolis in Hudson, NY. 0.4.1 is a first modification after the creation was completed.”

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