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Gundega Graudiņa & Björn Jauss
27/01/2019 - 10/02/2019

Gundega Graudina and Björn Jauss first met at the Experimental Music Fair in Jette in 2015 where Björn was giving a lecture on using sounds to drive synths. Later on, they explored different string instrument and synth configurations until Modulute was formed – an electroacoustic duo which combines a self-designed electro-acoustic Renaissance lute and a modular synth. With the residency at Q-O2 they relaunch the project after 1.5 years, using new technologies to overcome their spatial separation.

Besides an unusual mixture of the historical and the modern, the instruments create a complex system where the possibilities of both are broadened. The lute is used not only as a sound source but also as a controller of the synth by extracting data from its sound. Common and extended instrumental playing techniques are complemented by electronic processing and the sonic textures created in real-time blend with previously recorded samples of lute sounds. The performance integrates fixed compositional elements and improvisation. The duo draws influences from Experimental Music, Elektronische Musik and Musique Concrète, to name a few.

Modulute is not only a project, but an instrument. It combines following components into a unique configuration: DIY electro-acoustic instrument, DIY electronic circuits, Supercollider on Bela platform, Eurorack modular. Check out more info here.

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