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post-residency performance
15/09/2021 - 18h - free

Francesca Hawker will present ‘a night on the Giselle’, a medley of songs, poems, and performative gestures, created while on residency at Q02.

During the residency, the nearby canal acted as a convenient conveyor-belt of material inspiration, carrying a slew of objects which were chosen intuitively by Francesca + friends on a series of canal-side walks. This included the Giselle and the Allegro, both boats who ferry sand and gravel from one part of Belgium to another, along with various bits of whatever.

The works she will present were developed alongside ‘a night on the Allegro’, a standup comedy set she performed at parc de foret in August – her first foray into standup – and at Q02 she will dip in and out of this mode of presentation.

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