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Finding Song Home – Kaffe Matthews
09/05/2015 - 30/05/2015

Finding Song Home on Brussel Nieuws

++++ Matinées on Sundays 7th and 14th of June, 10:00 – 14:00 on reservation++++

Finding Song Home is the new sonic bike opera made for Brussels by Kaffe Matthews and the Bicrophonic Research Institute(BRI) with tech development by Tom Keene.

It is a work that explores the injustices of birthright and the power of nations governments to enable or prevent the free movement of its citizens. Through meeting and sharing with often illegal non-European Brussels immigrants, Matthews has gathered a mass of their stories which, intimately told through the voices of the tellers, create a multi-threaded libretto to be revealed by audience cycling the GPS linked sonic bikes through and beyond Brussels centre.

The routes the opera takes pass between La Monnaie plaza, the canal border and Molenbeek squares, re-defining these areas as sonic cyclists can pedal through, songs and narratives recontextualized as they unfurl through the shifting street’s soundscape and Matthews electronic counterparts. With sounds triggered by where and how fast the bike goes, so each participating cyclist can define their own experience.

Finding Song Home is the BRI’s 8th sonic bike opera. It was commissioned by La Monnaie du Munt and Q-02 and has also made and developed eight new sonic bikes in Brussels with cyclo. These bikes will remain in Brussels to be used to make and perform new works.

Finding Song Home was made through Matthews’ residency with Q-02 and La Monnaie during which she explored the city, met and worked with residents she met through local community groups Globe Aroma and Vaartkapoen, as well as running route composition workshops for children at La Maison des Cultures, Molenbeek with Flemish theatre director, Ivan Vrambout.

practical info:

Vernissage Place de la Monnaie: 9 et 10 mai 2015, 12:00-19:00

Vernissage Maison des Cultures/Huis van de Culturen: 10 mai 2015, 12:00-19:00

also available 12 to 30 mai 2015 during opening times at:

Maison des Cultures et de la Cohésion Sociale/Huis van Culturen en Sociale Samenhang Molenbeek

Rue Mommaertsstraat 4, 1080 Brussel

Tuesday – Friday 12:00 – 17:00

Saturday 11:00 – 18:00 and by appointment

+32 465 80 76 08

La Monnaie/De Munt

Prinsenstraat 14, 1000 Brussel / rue des Princes 14, 1000 Bruxelles

Tuesday – Friday 12:00 – 17:00

Saturday 11:00 – 17:00

+32 (0)2 229 12 11

The cast:

Louiza Amghizar – 
Rasmia Zaaza – 
Fatiha El Mrabet
 – Souad Khelifa
 – Malika Mderreg
 – Claudine Musaniwabo – 
Fatima Kamlichi – Saddie Choua

Conté Morlaye
 – Maati Lhabib – 
Erik Gonzalez Brinck – Prince – Ibrahim – Jimmy – Moune

Adult chorus Met-X / Lucy Grauman

Girls chorus La choraline

Musicians: oboe: Florent Buchel – trumpet: Ivan Vrambout – accordion, electric piano: Moune electronic processings, keyboards: Kaffe Matthews

Software: David Griffiths, Tom Keene

Hardware install: Ludo Engels

Audio assistance: Samson Pignot

Production assistance: Lisa Hall


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