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Festival Canal > Tomoko Sauvage
19/09/2010 - 15:00 > 18:00

The new project by Tomoko Sauvage, musician/soundartist, balances between performance and installation. Soundmaterial are waterdrops, the setup consists of 8 water-filled porcelain bowls and 8 underwater microphones. The serene, contemplative aquatic soundscape is woven from the fragile sounds of water waves and drops resonating in the bowls.
19/09 – 15 > 18:00 with performance at 17:00 for free, Compilothèque, 50 Quai des Péniches / Akenkaai 50
La Compilothèque lives in a very nice and colorful waterfronthouse. In fact, the only house between Sainctelette and the Brussels harbor. Before the demolition of this house for ‘progress’, La Compilothèque presents different experimental musical events, popular parties for wild dancers, food for big mouths that like different things, unedited movies for curious eyes, … During the Festival Kanal, they’ll welcome you for a nice ‘cobblestone party’ in front of their house.

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