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Festival Canal > Pierre Berthet, Wendy van Wynsberghe
18/09/2010 - 19:30

Three Brussels art labs invite you to N° 30-34 quai des Charbonnages /Koolmijnenkaai where OKNO, the artist-run organization for art and media technology, will be opening its roof garden for its Open Greens project. You’ll be able to sample Brussels honey and drinks made from plants grown in the garden. FoAM will serve detoxifying appetizers flavoured with plants from the canal zone, which are intended to combat urban afflictions. Finally Q-O2 has invited sound artist Pierre Berthet to perform “Extended Drops”, a waterdrops concert.

A little further along the canalside, before and after the Kanal Labs, from sunset onwards, you’ll be able to listen to the hidden sound world of bats. Media artist Wendy Van Wynsberghe will use ‘bat detectors’ to make these ultrasonic waves (sounds which are so high, the human ear cannot detect them) audible. Moreover the indirect lights on the canal will provide a panoramic view of their flight pattern.


For Free + Snacks18/09 – from 19:30 on (concert of Berthet at 20:30). Rooftop Garden OKNO, 30-34 Quai des Charbonnages / KoolmijnenkaaiPresentation & production: OKNO, Foam, Q-O2. Technical support for “Extended Drops”: Patrick Delges + Wendy Van Wynsberghe. For Free 18/09 – from 19:50 on (sunset) Pont rue de l’avenir – Quai des Charbonnages. Presentation & production: Q-O2

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