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Live House #3: Anne Lepère
30/11/2015 - 17:00 / 20:30

Shop and doors open at 17:00h.

20:30h sit-down

Anne Lepère: Autour de Babel #327 – Hailuoto Blue 

Reminiscence of a voyage in the Grand North…

The idea of this mix was conceived during an artistic residency on the island Hailuoto which was organised through Soccos (Sounds of Culture, Culture of Sounds) and was guided by artist Antye Greie Ripatti – AGF and the team of Hai Art in Finland. We were ten artists of different horizons and most of the sounds which are in this work came out of either the residency itself, or the artists or are inspired by them…

It was a voyage, a multi-layered experience, an excerpt here:


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