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Eveline Vervliet & Marco Fusi
01/03/2021 - 09/03/2021

Composer Eveline Vervliet and Instrumentalist Marco Fusi work together in the creation of a new work for viola, electronics and video. During a residency at Q-02, they will research an audiovisual, interactive framework. Within this framework, the movements of the musician influence an electronic soundtrack and a video.


Driven by an interest in unpredictable structures, Eveline will work with interpretable score elements that function as modules within an open form. The interpretation by Marco will influence the deformation of the electronics. Via a live-processed video, the audience will see visual counterpoints of these deformations.


At the core of this artistic experiment are the following questions: How can one create a clear interactive structure without getting stuck in repetitive loops? How much compositional control is desired, and how much is possible? How much instrumental control is desired and possible?

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