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Esther Mugambi & Sarah van Lamsweerde
01/12/2018 - 22/12/2018

In this residency, Esther Mugambi & Sarah van Lamsweerde exploit their ongoing exchange by combining practices: developing the sound component of a performance work for public space by Sarah (Georgic Gardens / Agripuncture) and work together on a solo project by Esther (Podcast for Introverts).


For a future performance project titled Georgic Gardens, a commission by artist Christiaan Bastiaans and art platform Nieuw-Dakota, Sarah van Lamsweerde and Esther Mugambi will develop the basic materials for a numbers of songs that will be performed as temporary monuments in public space.


The project in general looks at the relationship between war and agriculture, with research on the phenomenon of victory gardens (gardens planted both at private residences and on public land during World War I & II to reduce the pressure on the public food supply brought on by the war effort). In short, the artist is transposing this subject matter to a practice she calls agripuncture which involves pinpointing violent spots in a city and scattering the seeds of healing plants in those spots.


Credits: Sarah van Lamsweerde: concept, text & Esther Mugambi: concept development, voice, performance & Aurelie Lierman: composition and vocal advice.


The musical component of the project involves creating songs for those locations, as ephemeral monuments. The lyrics will be based on the desciption of the incidents; the sound the residents aim to develop partly during the residency at Q-O2, is based on the speculative belief that some frequencies can heal or even make plants grow. Online research will be done, talking to a number of scientists, alternative healers and composers, noteably sound artist Aurélie Lierman who will provide sounds samples and sonic advice.


Podcast for Introverts by Esther Mugambi aims to create a podcast consisting of 12 episodes, each approximately 20 minutes in length. Some episodes will feature a guest (either live online or a pre-recorded sound sample). The podcast is a poetic guide to living a reflective life, one that hopes to gain a wider understanding of the world we live in by making tiny observations of daily interactions, memories and anecdotes. Each episode will be recorded in front of a live audience. The artist will work with prerecorded samples of her own voice. she will interrupt and layer these samples with sounds that she creates using objects as well as her voice (spoken or sung). Each episode brings you closer to the narrator and creates a world out of both domestic and otherworldly sounds. This residency is dedicated to write the first of 12 episodes, experiment with sensors, recording, sound editing program and figure out uploading podcast process. Credits: Marloeke van der Vlugt – objects with sound samples embedded via sensors & Sarah van Lamsweerde – text/dramaturgy advice.

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