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DoUndo / recycling G – Anne Wellmer, Aernoudt Jacobs
26/02/2005 - 15:00

DoUndo/recyling G in the context of BRXLBRAVO,
presents two new creations by Aernoudt Jacobson and Anne Wellmer.

Aernoudt Jacobs “Playgroung G”
Playground G ‘Playground G’ is an installation/performance with a number of modificators, noise shapers and noise makers. They all have the purpose of altering the sound of the viola through different materials (ig. ice, clay, water). It is a research in the resonance frequencies of materials. Every material has a frequency where it begins to resonate and modulate. This influences the sound in a peculiar way.

Anne Wellmer “green piece for a dark and cold corridor”
A composition made from the viola sound reservoir is com- bined with two spacial elements: a strong green reflecting light and the movement of the viola player who is, with a microphone on her forehead, in search of feed-back in the performance space.

In collaboration with les bains::connective.

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