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19/11/2009 - 20:30

In a large, quiet room, a long “corridor” of sound cuts through an otherwise empty space.

A Sensation of Movement is an exploration of the spaciousness and flow of time in the context of sound. As such, it is a rethinking of the idea of a ‘kinetoscope’ from the sonic point of view: a collection of aural cues diffused in a panoramic way, the piece moves with the breadth and space of film, but replaces sight with sound at the center of the visitor’s sensory experience.
What’s heard in Sensation is a moving environmental soundscape – a slice of sonic time in one single cut: urban and natural sounds mix in a long (45 minute) journey from a high level of aural density to low, and back again. The sound of walking is frequently heard. The recording is made binaurally, such that in reproduction in the installation there is a palpable sense of aurally “being there”.
During his residency, he’s exploring new avenues for the two essential components of the piece: a new recording, made during his time in Brussels, and a new method of diffusing this multi-channel piece. Instead of free-standing “loudspeakers”, he’ll create a denser, more cocoon-like shape for the installation.

Performance, November 19, 20:30;
Installation, November 20-21, 14 > 18:00

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