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Dejana Sekulic & Gilles Doneux
09/09/2019 - 05/10/2019

“What Hides the Grain of Sound” (by Dejana Sekulic and Gilles Doneux)

“In dense portions of the Milky Way, stellar images appear to overlap, giving the effect of a near-continuous sheet of light . . . The effect is a grand illusion. In reality . . . the nighttime sky is remarkably empty. Of the volume of space only 1 part in 1021 [one part in a quintillion] is filled with stars.” (Kaler)

“The sensation of tone happens when human perception reaches attentional limits where microevents occur too quickly in succession to be heard as discrete events.”(Roads)

But what if the time would stop and the perception would be frozen in a moment of a singular grain of a microevent?

The main idea for this project is to work and create a performance through experimental composition and performance practice for violin with performative electronics. During the residency the duo will explore roles of instruments, acoustic and electronic, their characteristics and sound, arriving to a piece of music through play with actions, interactions and hierarchies.

In the end of the residency, there will be a presentation of the work-in-progress. The presentation will consist of the performance of approximately 45 minutes to one-hour, employing material that has been developed during the residency.

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