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Catherine Lamb & Bryan Eubanks
27/12/2013 - 15/01/2014

Harmonic Arrays


Experiments in combining acoustic holography with various harmonic filters.   “Chords” are created by filtering (tuning) 9 different loudspeakers which play sounds (field recordings or white noise in different interiors) recorded through 9 microphones. The microphones used for recording and the loudspeakers used for playback are arranged in the same linear pattern.


Lamb and Eubanks have been collaborating since 2010, initially with Eubanks realizing electronic parts for pieces such as Periphery for Two and Matter/Moving by Lamb. Their first fully collaborative work, Untitled 12 (After Agnes), was a completely electronic piece and was released on their own imprint, Sacred Realism, in 2011. In 2012 they began to compose Tracing, a two part work for viola and tuned white noise (subtractive synthesis) while in residence in central Washington State (US), and continued to develop it in performance and practice during tours in the US and Europe until the spring of 2013.   Their current work together is an attempt to combine Eubanks’ work with linear arrays and Lamb’s work with Partial Theory/Just Intonation.


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