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Caroline Claus at A-I-R laboratory Warsaw
08/06/2015 - 15/07/2015

The Belgian Caroline Claus (1980) holds a master’s degree in sociology at the University of Ghent, and urban development and spatial planning at Erasmus University and VUB. Her work concentrates on issues of space, place and culture, the geography of lifeworlds, sonic experience and the design of urban acoustic environments. In particular she questions the urban – acoustical aspects in urban development processes in the context of urban post – industrial transformation. Acoustic ecology theory and the avant-gar- de output of independent electronic record labels provide the conceptual and methodological basis for a trans-disciplinary research on sound and soundscapes. Trough participatory soundwalks and geo-acoustic mapping, she investigates sound’s potential and of all practices sound related, for urban development processes in urban areas.

Expertise, Experience & Knowledge


Master in Sociology, Ugent, 2005. Master in Urbanism & Urban Planning (Graduated cum Laude), Erasmus – VUB, 2013. Master Thesis: ‘Design for a Post – Industrial Sound- scape of Laag Vorst’


Projects: L’incroyable Téléphérique, Brussel 2013 Atelier de Stad – Het Geluid van Hasselt en Genk 2014 Parckdesign – Brussel 2014 SoCCoS (Sound of Culture – Culture of Sound) – A-I-R Warsaw 2015

Paper Presentation: Invisible Places, Sound, Urbanism and Sense of Place – Viseu, Portugal, 2014. Design, Social Media and Technology to Foster Civic Self- Organisation, Hasselt, 2015.


Expert youth Participation & Urban Development, JES City Labo Brussels since 2007. Interdisciplinary research on (digital) tools for a youth-oriented approach of urban development and renovation pro- cesses. Interdisciplinary action research on youth participation in underprivileged areas of the Brussels canal area. Coördination of projects, processes for social participation in urban renovation and development. tent/article/68.html deelnemen.html documentrepository/File/tijdschrift/OwwB%20111. pdf nog-steeds-geen-zicht-op-groot-stadspark nl_05_uitnodiging%20studiedag_SPEEL- NATUUR-RV-20141105.pdf CongresXPubliekeXRuimte.pdf

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