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Carol Robinson & Frances-Marie Uitti
20/09/2013 - 27/09/2013

Clarinetist, Carol Robinson and cellist, Frances-Marie Uitti integrate their individual arts into a finely woven tapestry. Their mutual inclination towards the spiritual and sublime was honed by parallel years of working with composers after their initial work with Giacinto Scelsi. Having shared many concerts, they  join together as spectacular colorists; two bows, birbyne, string resonators, basset horn, cello and voice in improvisations and compositions using naked sound combined with electronics.

Both Frances-Marie and Carol have developed computer-enhanced instruments. With these instruments, they have each opened new sound and compositional worlds. However, their duet work as “Streaming Minds” has been primarily acoustic. They would now like to incorporate more electronics into their duet concerts. The time, space and technical means provided by a residency at Q-O2 will provide an opportunity to do the necessary research. For example, they would like to transfer technology developed for one instrument to the other. This could include making a cello adaptation from a composition for basset horn and live electronics. Another goal would be to incorporate their individual systems when improvising together. Experimentation undertaken during a residency could also be the basis for a substantial duet composition. Having the calm concentration that a residency provides will be invaluable for future endeavors.

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