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Carlos Casas workshop: Imploded Cinema – postponed
07/11/2020 - 14h - 18h

Expanded Found footage and archival practices
Introduction to Carlos Casas’ use and practice around archival sources and found footage in his film “Cemetery” and other works.
Participants will conceptually and practically create a found footage piece and present it at the end of the workshop.


People with skills on premiere or other video programmes are welcome, as well as people with very different skill levels, as the interest goes to conceptual and idea driven works as well as other approaches on other medias. Persons are also welcome who might be interested and want to use other means like paper and scissors, celluloid and projector.


Workshop in English and French, 20€, registration at


The workshop is preceded by a screening of Carlos Casas’ movie “Cemetery” and a discussion with the author, at Bozar on Tuesday Nov 3rd, and a label night on Friday Nov. 5th at Q-O2, featuring Karbe Dinel, Hampus Lindwall, and Carlos Casas introducing Mutia, his “Cemetery” related release.

In collaboration with Bozar Cinema.

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