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BRAUBLFF (Materie und Laut) 8 – Katalin Ladik, Loré Lixenberg, Slow Reading Club, Beyt Al Tapes / organised by Kraak
01/11/2019 - 20h30 (doors 20h) - 10€

The eighth (and possibly last!) episode in our notorious BRAUBLFF (Materie und Laut) series that explores where and how language transforms into music. In collaboration with De Player in Rotterdam.


Movement is at the heart of Serbian-born poet Katalin Ladik’s work. Incidence touches on incidence, and the result is a series of dynamic mutations generated by the flow of chance. Ladik’s vocal compositions are stripped of the morphological components of language and instead replaced by the fullness of its materiality. By allowing spontaneity to guide the process, the primal, intuitive aspects of the spoken word engulf the overwrought semiotics in lively sound collages for the mind.


As per her website, Loré Lixenberg is an experimental, atomic, post-cyborg mezzo-soprano (!) with a career spanning decades in vocal exertion and experimentation. Dangling in the space between the classical and the avant-garde, Lixenberg embraces the physicality of sound as a main driver in her quest for extending the possibilities of voice. Notable recent projects include a foray into robotics with Stelarc (Prosthetic Head), vocal interpretations of Conlon Nancarrow’s piano compositions (Nancarrow Karaoke) and the singular confluation of human language and bird sounds with the piece “BIRD IV”, which she will perform in this edition of Braublff.


When not cruising the continent on his racing bicycle, Niels Latomme aka Beyt al Tapes creates raw tape compositions with found objects and the basic elements of his life: a knife, a broken machine, a bike (obviously). Whatever material setup he uses typically becomes part of his compositions through chance flutters and serendipitous errors, making for muffled soundscapes of convoluted dimensions. His latest experiment in wobbly modulations, Degendt, was released in tape form by the grizzlies over at Beartown Records this August.


Slow Reading Club (SRC) is a semi-fictional reading group initiated by Henry Andersen and Bryana Fritz in late 2016. The group deals in constructed situations for collective reading. SRC looks at, probes, and interrupts ‘readership’ as a way to stimulate the contact zones between reader and text, text and text, reader and reader. For BRAUBLFF, Slow Reading Club present a redundancy-soaked reading from the unedited first chapter of Road Movie: their still-in-process pulp/pulp novel. A proposal for derivative literature, spits out the degenerate fantasy of going WEST.

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Hannah Ellul
Louise Vind Nielsen - Akkumulator
Marius Tarakdjioglou - Stone Waiting Hall

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