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Brandon LaBelle – Sonic Agency / Doron Sadja
02/05/2018 - 20:30

Sonic Agency: Sound and Emergent Forms of Resistance. Presentation of the new publication, Sonic Agency, by author and artist Brandon LaBelle. Published by Goldsmiths Press, London.


In a world dominated by the visual, could contemporary resistances be auditory? This timely and important book from Goldsmiths Press highlights sound’s invisible, disruptive, and affective qualities and asks whether the unseen nature of sound can support a political transformation. In Sonic Agency, Brandon LaBelle sets out to engage contemporary social and political crises by way of sonic thought and imagination. He divides sound’s functions into four figures of resistance—the invisible, the overheard, the itinerant, and the weak—and argues for their role in creating alternative “unlikely publics” in which to foster mutuality and dissent. He highlights existing sonic cultures and social initiatives that utilize or deploy sound and listening to address conflict, and points to their work as models for a wider movement. He considers issues of disappearance and hidden culture, nonviolence and noise, creole poetics, and networked life, aiming to unsettle traditional notions of the “space of appearance” as the condition for political action and survival.


By examining the experience of listening and being heard, LaBelle illuminates a path from the fringes toward hope, citizenship, and vibrancy. In a current climate that has left many feeling they have lost their voices, it may be sound itself that restores it to them.


On this evening, Doron Sadja will also present the research he has done during his residency.


Doron Sadja will present the results of his Q-O2 residency work, Look You What Me Made Do. The work examines two diametrically opposing sonic phenomena, standing waves and ‘ghost’ tones: one which is only possible through an interaction with physical space, the other which bypasses physical space entirely and exists only in the ears of the listener. By pitting these two phenomena against each other, Look You What Me Made Do invites the audience to explore the spatial dimensions of sound and the liminal spaces between modes of perception.


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