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10/11/2014 - 30/11/2014


Sound installation: Reconstruction of the map of Brussels with a deconstructed piano.

Vocabulary: Brussels

Geography, Piano

Practical step-by-step plan:

1. Opening event: for this, I will invite musicians (members of R.O.T.?) to make a recording about the dismantling of the piano. The recording of this is not included in the project, but is considered a product of ‘R.O.T.’. The fabric of the piano is discussed further in item 3.

2. Make recordings in the Brussels city centre covering, among other things, church bells ringing, the 5 stations on the Brussels North-South route, the tourist area around the market square and residential areas.

3. The elements of the deconstructed piano are subsequently used to construct the ‘PIANO-PENTAGONE’. This is a geographic (five-sided) reconstruction of the city of Brussels. The keys of the piano mark the historical streets and 19th-century avenues. Within this, I will integrate the recordings to tie in with the geography. There are different groups of recordings that can be turned on and off individually. The X-shaped metal frame of the piano becomes the axis of the sound installation. The frame is placed above the reconstructed map. Around and on the frame, I will place ‘vibrating’ mechanics that generate sounds independently. It is important that these mechanics can be turned on and off individually.

4. At the end of her residence, there will be an opportunity to showcase the ‘ PIANO-PENTAGONE’. I will be giving a brief presentation about the underlying principles and a demonstration of the installation. The programme concludes with two performances (to be confirmed).


Laurent Cartuyvels , content by Bram Meilemans, practical execution of motors and rotating mechanism. Guests end event (subject to change) GANGALAI & GOURABAI W. Ravenveer

Sebastian Dingens - WALKS
Pavel Tchikov 29/11/23
Nika Son - Scatter

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