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01/09/2017 - 30/09/2017

During this residency Azahara Ubera will develop a performative lecture. She will be unfolding an archive of silent voices made out of a collection of:


1-Political slogans
2-A collection of poems by feminist poets
3-A somatopolitical, physical collection that constructs the physical regime of the binary system of gender


The project is called Zinneke and acts as an archive of silent voices. The voices have been silent over the main course of History. By putting her (impersonated) mum on stage Azahara Ubera is giving volume to her story as a performative gesture on the one side and as a means of creating Herstory as labelled by Isabel Stangers on the other.

The first step in the process relates to writing and collecting materials. Afterwards, the most interesting materials will be selected to be performed along the figure of the artist’s mother (Azahara Ubera doing her). With the help of a dramaturg a new connection to present this archive through her will be made. In the performance in which Azahara Uber is impersonating her Mother, she will explain the used word archive and perform the somatopolitical archive of gender by means of physical gestures and playing a loop machine type Line 6, DL4.


Zinneke it’s a performative lecture.
Zinneke means bastard in Brusselian.
Zinneke is the presentation of an archive of diverse knowledge’s performed by my Mother. It’s a performative practice of how to be my Mother.
Zinneke it’s the History related by her transforming it into Herstory. As Isabel Stengers re-named.
Zinneke is learning how to take care of an audience on stage while also learning how to take care of myself.
Zinneke is my Mom making noise.

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