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01/11/2022 - 30/11/2022

Aymeric de Tapol is an experimental musician and field recordist, based in Brussels. He played in the wall-of-noise band ZOHO, is part of the duo Cancellled 404 with the Artist Yann Leguay, and collaborates with the collective radio art station p-node.

His music was released by different labels, such as TTT, Vlek, Lexi disques, Tanuki, A.V.A, Tanzprocesz, Angstrôm records and Knotwilg Records.

For his residency in Q-O2, he will continue and take time to focus on his research on hypnotic polyrhythms on modular synthesizer, that he has been exploring for the last 3 years.

« When you are listening to something that seems the same thing during a really long period, many things happen to your spirit… »

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