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Anna Kravets – Emergency Rehearsal
28/06/2022 - 17h - free upon registration

Emergency Rehearsal

“I invite you to a bunker as a preparation for thinking about an emergency: what it does to our bodies and which types of responsibility it evokes, practically and emotionally. Having experienced my habitual reference system fall apart together with the hopes that the full-scale war would not actually break out, I start a project of an emotional encyclopedia. Together with and through others, I try to grasp the phenomenon of war, inviting you to a collective recording session: an improvisation that prepares for a radio piece. Staging interactions with others, I explore the relation of direct speech to the self, others and their shared space to compose with voice matter and rediscover its place in the interactional strings between bodies. If rehearsing presumes preparing for ‘the real thing’, training and experimenting to figure out capacities and hone skills, then a rehearsal recording becomes the real thing in its immediacy, creating a time distance for hearing oneself.”


INSTRUCTIONS (how to prepare for the rehearsal): 
– bring 3 to 5 objects that you would take with you if you’d think you might not come back home anymore

– think about a strong emotional experience of yours

– take a yoga mat if you have one


Duration: 1 to 1.5 hrs approx

The material recorded in the interaction could be used in a radio creation. 


Free upon reservation at

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