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post-residency performance
Amber Meulenijzer – Saab Sculptures / Paesaggimaginati
15/08/2021 - 27/08/2021

In situ performances on 15, 22 and 27 august, 18h >>


15/8 : 18:00 > Parc des Etangs / Vijverpark – pond next to Maurice Caremelaan

50°49’21.5″N 4°17’01.4″E


22/8 : 20h > changed location and hour: Anderlecht Abattoires, Ropsy Chaudronstraat 24, 1070 Brussel


27/8 > Parking Panorama / Van Helmontstraat 15, 1000 Brussel

50°50’39.858″N 4°20’48.898″E


The Saab Sculptures is a series of works placing the Saab 900 car in different contexts, thus questioning, transforming, pimping public/private space. The current etappe in this research consists of a sculptural/sonorous exploration, translated in a mobile soundsystem carrying 12 Toa horn-speakers, mounted on the car’s roof. The sculpture will travel through different landscapes and new soundpieces will be made sur mesure each time. Saab-sculpted voyages, resonating with the acoustics of its surroundings, focusing on the physicality of the sound, interacting with the changing landscape.

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