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Alma Söderberg & Hendrik Willekens
01/05/2016 - 29/05/2016

Wowawiwa – Urbanimalism

Urbanimalism takes the music of wowawiwa to the streets of Brussels and beyond. Together with radio researcher Dieter Van Dam, a concert will be performed and captured from bikes going around in the city center.

WOWAWIWA is the music project uniting Alma Söderberg and Hendrik Willekens. It was born in a bar in the airport of Zagreb. The name testifies to our love for sound. Although you might also read in it a fascination for the four beat bar with a heavy WO and a snappy WI. We like to produce rhythms.

Our music emerges through the interaction between different sound ingredients. Voice feeds into mic that activates the filtered spring reverb which feeds into sampler that transforms the voice into beats, basslines and other sounds. Drum sequencer feeds into synthesizer firing of CV controls that shape the melody. Synthesizer gets heard by ear that commands voice to imitate. Imitation is captured by microphone and so on.

Alma Söderberg is a choreographer and a dancer. Hendrik Willekens is a theatre maker and performer. WOWAWIWA is the realization of their desire to keep on making music together, after earlier collaborations in John The Houseband (2008 – now) and Idioter (performance from 2014).

WOWAWIWA played its debut concert “voice circuitry” in March of 2015 for a live and a radio audience in the program I Love Radio by BUDA in Kortrijk, Belgium. All the sound material from which the music was made, came from Alma’s voice – except for one clap. The concert consisted of four songs and was 30 minutes long.

The project is supported by RITCS, Kunstenwerkplaats Pianofabriek, Q-O2, Inkonst, and the Vlaamse Gemeenschapscomissie.

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