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01/08/2018 - 31/08/2018

Alice Pamuk will develop a sound installation in which short phrases of pop music are looped and broadcast in the space. The proposal arises out of several years of research around pop music (a.o. a previous project of analysing interviews of American rappers and hip hop producers). Despite this fascination for pop music, Alice Pamuk is not trained as a musician and sees herself as very much outside the tradition. She plans to use this lack of musical literacy as a tool to provoke contact with people from other musical backgrounds – both a trained music arranger and a pop singer from “The Voice Belgium”. The original phrases of pop music are filtered through the skills and interests of her and her collaborators into another kind of material and displaced from their original context.


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In collaboration with:

Sebastian Dingens - WALKS
Pavel Tchikov 29/11/23
Nika Son - Scatter

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