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01/07/2019 - 14/07/2019

This project at Q-O2 aims to record vocal material, collected over 2 weeks of residency in the city of Brussels, principally intended as an immersion in the Belgian capital, absorbing the events (whatever they may be) while drawing the vocal imprint, with a performative approach that makes no distinction between the personal and artistic spheres. Gea Brown will ask acquaintances and strangers met by chance the question who are you? and giving them approximately a minute to respond. Then Gea Brown will test herself with the same question, in an equal exchange with the person in front of her. Starting from these interviews, she wants to create a performance centred on the theme of identity and the perception of the self. Like a pool to draw on to shape a piece in which fragmented sounds, words and phrases, sampled in real time, can recreate the fragile incompleteness of human beings, the impossibility of having a full view of ourselves, the sudden inadequacy of language to decipher the perception of self, dissolved within all the lived moments and memories like ink in water. 

Sebastian Dingens - WALKS
Pavel Tchikov 29/11/23
Nika Son - Scatter

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