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30/01/2017 - 25/02/2017

Autonomous Scenography ’FOURFOLD’
As in the previous production Autonomous Scenography, Meryem Bayram does not start from a story or scenario. The project is neither performance, theatre, dance or any other form of “staging” but more a generator of changing, autonomous scenographies – a machine that continously produces different images. Using a limited series of formal possibilities – a square that can be folded in different shapes and that can be used in different ways—a series of variations and transformations are made possible.
For  Atonomous Scenography “Fourfold” Meryem Bayram collaborates with Guy Rombouts who works with the same comparable principles to generate images. Rombouts developed the visual alphabet ‘Azart’ that consists of a limited amount of signs that are endlessly combined to develop two and three dimensional drawings. Other elements developed in this project are the use of sound/voice and light. During the performance Bayram will produce different sounds – wordless but meaningfull expressions in relation to the visual transformations. Just as in the scenography the intention is to explore the musical and material possibilities by improvising.  Sound, language and light are introduced as a creative power : not to represent but to produce in all freedom a new reality. The light design for Autonomous Scenography “Fourfold” will be developed by visual artist Pol Matthé.
Concept/objects/performance Meryem Bayram developped by Guy Rombouts – Lightdesign Pol Matthé – Sound/voice Meryem Bayram – Vocal coach Alma Söderberg – Dramaturgical support Igor Dobricic – Costumes Johanna Trudzinski – Production Platform 0090, OnderHetVel – Coproduction wpZimmer, Workspace Brussels, Q-O2, Fiebre – In collaboration with Het Bos, Zsenne Art Lab and with the support of the Flemisch Goverment.

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Nika Son - Scatter

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