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12/01/2015 - 12/02/2015


Music uses the harmonic spectrum as a musical model, but most often in ascending or descending order, and less frequently in geographical order, like the order of overtones of a linear course on a string. On this course, we do not hear the sounds from low to high, but their intervals vary according to the logic of the facture. The height of each overtone corresponds to the section of the string where the tone is located; if this section is a multiple fracture of another, then that with the smallest denominator will prevail.

This sequence forms the basis of Starflux, a piece for cello but also a work-in-progress looking for new extensions and interactions. The resonance of the overtones is produced by tapping the instrument that is lying down flat with some regularity.

During this residency, I will, above all, concentrate on the listening modes with an acoustic or amplified sound, and secondly I wish to record, and interact with, other instruments.
During my residency at Q-O2, I will also continue my research at the Universities of Lorraine and Bologna. After all, in 2013, I started a thesis on the performances of Fluxus artists in Italy from the early 1970s, thereby focusing on the accomplishments of cellist Charlotte Moorman.

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