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27/03/2023 - 23/04/2023
20/04/2023 - 18h - free
Yenting Hsu
Using sound as primary creation medium, Yenting Hsu investigates the cultural context and texture of sounds. Her works often reflect the relationship between sounds, environment, individual and/or collective memories and emotions. Interweaving field recordings with electronic sounds and objects, Hsu keeps exploring and experimenting documentary and fiction / narrative and imaginary elements of recorded sounds. Mixing with other art mediums and artistic disciplines, Hsu creates installations, performances, audio documentaries, electroacoustic music, and more. She also collaborates with dance theaters and films as a sound designer/composer. Her work has been shown at Taipei Artist Village, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taitung Art Museum, ChengLong Wetlands International Environmental Art Project (Taiwan), Taipei International Documentary Festival, Asian Meeting Festival (Japan) in Taipei Arts Festival, Festival Film Dokumenter (Indonesia), Toyama Glass Art Museum (Japan), Perth Institute of Contemporary Art (Australia), Fremantle Arts Centre (Australia), Lacking Sound Festival and On-Site (Taiwan), Liquid Architecture (Australia), Arte Radio (France), Resonance fm (UK), among others.
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