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04/01/2024 - 18/02/2024
15/02/2024 - 18h - free
Violeta López López
Violeta López López is an interdisciplinary artist and musician working in the in-betweeness of fields with a multimedia approach that merges analog and digital, visuals, sound and words. She holds a Bachelor degree in Fine Arts at the Universidad Politécnica de València and a Bachelor degree in Music in the Conservatorio Superior de Música Joaquín Rodrigo de Valencia, as well as a Master in Artistic Production, being currently finishing a Master in Multimedia Arts, both at the Universidad Politécnica de València. The broad scope of her interest has led her through those different studies, allowing her to work with the entalgement of visual and sound, of materiality and virtuality, finding connections too with a deep interest in language and literature as well as science. At the core of her work lies a poetical perspective from which she intends to free languages from their established use, looking for new ways of expressing the identity of the world and its perception. This approach led her to develop projects as “Contrapoesia Libre”, awarded with the Grant for Contemporary Artistic Production of Fundación de Castilla y León (Spain), in which she merges poetry, music, sound, graphic work and audiovisuals looking for new ways to understand a given language, breaking the boundaries between them, and “Heavy·Metal·Verses” as Artist-in-Science-Resident of Kultur einer Digitalstadt in collaboration with the heavy ions accelerator GSI/FAIR (Darmstadt, Germany), an artistic research that explores the poetics of physics and establishes a search for analogies between physics and human relationships, as well as artistic and poetic creation itself.
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