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03/09/2015 - 20:00 - free
Val King
Val King is a visual artist, videast and performer. Graduated from Conservatory of Pantin (France) in dance and theatre, he's studying in ERG school (École de Recherche Graphique, Brussels) in visual arts and videography. His work is about recording encounters with personalities in video and sound with a dance conception of the space. He tries to extract from the contact between one subjectivity and him, a brute perception of the living body in the landscape, recreating afterwards an environmental installation of the experience.
This research is close to a protracted and shared walking experience, the private sense of vision or hearing becoming common, crossing the borders of the skin.
Rainer Maria Rilke's poems and essay Anthropophagie zombie (2011) by Suely Rolnik are fundamental words in this project to questionning this contact.
He worked with artist Manon de Boer, Joël David, Walid Sadek, actor Bass Dhem, Bruno Clairefond, dancer Gustavo Thanks, Rosa Omarsdottir, Boris Jacta, Petra Hauerova.
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