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14/10/2006 - 15/10/2006
15/12/2006 - 18:00-22:30
Trevor Wells

Trevor Richard Wells (GB) born londonoriginally worked in the area of visual/concrete poetrypublished in numerous anthologiesexhibited in europe & brazilbecame disenchanted with the art worldstudied Zen Buddhismregained sense of humour moved to the west of England to concentrate on painting & growing vegetablesstudio assistant to Alexander Hollwegparticipated in individual and group studio exhibitions and in the biannual Somerset Arts Weeksworks included in the "30 years of artists at Nettlecome" exhibition and cataloguemoved to Brusselswhile painting continues to be his main concern, he is also interested in working with multi-media artists in performance projectsexhibitions and installations in Italy, Slovenia, Belgiumartist-in-residence MMM Art, Medana, SloveniaDedonderdagen # 7, De Singel, Antwerpwork in private collections, Europe, USA & Australia

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