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01/06/2011 - 13/06/2011
Tim Vets

As a guitarist Tim Vets is connected to Champ d'Action, and working on his own guitar/live electronics projects where the guitar controls physical objects electronically. In the past he worked as a soloist with The Flemish Radio Orchestra, Prometheus Ensemble, and the European Broadcasting Union Jazz Orchestra. After his studies at the Antwerp Conservatory of Music he won the International Composition Concours of Helmond. In his compositions, he covers areas ranging from experimental electronica to contemporary improvisation, but just as well accessible pop songs. Many of his activities involve Jazz-improvisation combined with live electronics, post-tonal composition techniques, polyrhythmic structures, while sometimes folding back into uncomplicated and uncomplexed songs. He is composing for many musictheatre productions, and creates generative compositions integrated in art installations. His art installations use constructive principles that he considers applicable to music as well as visual art. These are implemented in visual works or sound installations with physical objects in motion, generative composition and which can be used as a platform for performance. He is also one half of the artist duo Erki De Vries and Tim Vets, and is the creator of the first 'Champ-d'Action Synth', a miniature synthesiser, consisting of a naked circuit board reacting to body contact, 10 independent sound programs, a loudspeaker and a 4-button user interface.
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