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27/01/2007 - 20:30
25/09/2014 -
Thomas Lehn

Since the early 1980s Thomas Lehn has been working as a performer, interpreter, composer and improviser of contemporary music. His individual style of musical expression is rooted in the experience of a broad spectrum of musical fields. After studying recording engineering at the Hochschule fuer Musik in Detmold (Germany), he moved to Cologne and studied both classical and jazz piano at the Hochschule fuer Musik Koeln.As an interpreting pianist he has played concerts since 1982 - performing both contemporary new music including numerous first performances and traditional composed music of the classical and romantically period. In 1989 he initiated the chamber ensemble Trio Dario and four years later the Mengano Quartett, focussing on performing compositions of the contemporary avant-garde. Parallel to his work as a pianist, he concentrates on composing and performing electronic music. Based on his background as an interpreting and improvising pianist in classical-, contemporary and jazz-music, he developed his individually language in live-electronic music.
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