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22/05/2015 - 20:30 - 5€
Sultan Hagavik
Wrocław based cassette tape duo and two classically trained composers. Emerging from one of the most interesting music scenes in Poland they stand for the new generation – well educated, uncompromising, funny and serious, provocative and fancy. Nothing is sacred for them, starting with classical symphonies (the opening and closing pieces) slowing up and down with no remorse, pierced with dadaistic soundbites played at various speeds, continuing with pop pieces warped and bastardized beyond recognition, samples from movies, speech slowed down or sped up according to the authors’ whim, bloodcurdling screams repeating and suddenly cut, Arabic music laced with glitches and noises, compositions with barely any skeleton or structure filled with crackles and tape hiss. As they want to introduce themselves: „Duet playing record. It was Parella fondegi Jack Nicholas Laskowski and Sotomskiego In July 2011, Wroclaw, in very difficult conditions, when set PRECISIO. Since that time, I spent two and a half years album ("Eight beautiful melodies", "nine symphonies" and "g") and earn 34 APAGADA Li Espectacle review the current phase of the song "Passio - About · Parella Biniimashir shit." Sultan Hagavik cooperates with the Wrocław lead before a drag queen as a shepherd and a plastic Måggda artist. Jobs Surkonwencjonalnej fill in the name of the mini Disseny Trends LIVE from pop to punctualism”
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