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10/07/2023 - 06/08/2023
Shamica Ruddock
Shamica Ruddock is an artist-researcher often found working between sound and moving image. Through sound Shamica considers the ways Black diasporas are engaged and presented. Shamica has been particularly interested in how black technosonic production functions as a form of speculation, narrativising and worldmaking; and the potentials of sonic fictions as a method to generate new narratives, and conversations, around traumatic historical events. Previous screenings include Abandon Normal Devices (UK), The Horse Hospital (UK) and Bertha DocHouse (UK) . Group presentations include the Barbican (UK), Tate Britain Lates (UK), and New Contemporaries (UK). Solo shows include Treasure Hill Artist Village (TW) and South London Gallery (UK). Shamica has performed live at Glasgow-based contemporary music festival Counterflows (2022) alongside Hannan Jones, and London-based Cafe OTO alongside Hannan Jones and Pat Thomas.
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