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Roberta Gigante

Roberta Gigante, italian artist, lives and works in Belgium since 2009. After having her BA in Visual and performing arts at Univeristy IUAV in Venice, where she followed the courses of many contemporary thinkers, she had a Master in Urban Space in La Cambre Ecole Superiere des arts visuels in Brussels. Her initial drive to create art was inspired by the notion of how universal feelings may be transmitted from one individual to the public, and how the body of a performer can become one with an audience through an aesthetic event. After theater she became involved in installation art and started focusing on sound. In her practice sound as a medium opened up many interesting possibilities. Following these explorations the urban space as a place of common living became her focus. Intriguing the regarding one with the question of how art can modify our reality by creating an amplification of every day life.

In her research she explores the relation between public space, image and sound. She is interested in places that have characteristic of ambiguous social identification. Places where create meaning is continually possible, where the work of art can be incrusted - a revitalisator- a meeting of identities. She becomes interested in the resonant frequency of the different spaces and objects and how sound behaves in image.


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