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02/05/2022 - 29/05/2022
Rebecca Wilcox
Rebecca Wilcox lives in Glasgow (Scotland) and works with writing, audio and performance, often using voice as a tool. She's interested in apperception, haptics and the poetics available in the leaps between sensory engagements and the written and spoken word. She makes live spoken word performances and acousmatic presentations that look at the poetic potentials of language when spun into relation with other sounds which are often close to hand, or minor. This layering of voice with slivers of field recordings and manipulated everyday sounds speaks to an excess of energy and meaning found in the vibration of language between each other and within ourselves. She has recently been working collaboratively with Hannah Ellul and often works with others. The relationship between the durational, diffuse aspects of sound and how they might be represented on a page, or reproduced after the fact are currently something she is exploring.
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