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29/05/2016 - 05/06/2016
03/06/2016 - 19:00
Radoslaw Sirko
Radek Sirko was born in Tychy (1987), he lives and works in Warsaw. He is a culture and media theoretician, music producer, sound artist and technician, label owner, director as well as curator. He graduated at comparative studies of civilization at the Jagiellonian University; he studied culture and media studies at Silesian University and took Visual culture studies at the University of Warsaw. He is doctoral intermedia student at University of fine arts in Poznań and holds a ministry of culture's 'młoda polska 2014' scholarship. He is co-founder of audile snow: a label releasing experimental music on microSD cards. He wrote multiple articles for Glissando, Opcje and Ha!art magazines. He studies sound in various perspectives: theoretical, practical, conceptual, technical, methodological, cognitive, acoustic, semiological and metaphorical. He examines sound in a new media and digitalisation perspective, from both ontological and anthropological points of view. His significant projects projects and releases include duy gebord (2013) and mangrove (2014), kelp (2014), mildew (2014) or qualm (2015).
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