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16/05/2019 - 20:00 - free
Oona Libens
Oona Libens’ (Belgium/Sweden, 1987) work revolves around media-archeology and the history of the (moving) image. In her intimate performances she develops a distinctly crafted universe, while creating a dialogue between historic and recent media phenomena — from shadow theatre as the most primitive form of moving image, over the magic lantern, the computer or TV-screen, to today’s entertainment society and Google. With her performances she tries to expand our experience of the image and the screen, to create an analogue virtual reality and to make an entertainment machine that is slow, hesitates, falters and fails. Oona first studied music in Sweden before graduating from KASK Gent in 2012. Since then she has been working on a series of poetic-scientific productions, taking up themes as the universe, the sea, time and the body.
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