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22/05/2015 - 20:30 - 5€
Musician and graphic artist. Creates solo and in collaborations, member of Brasil and The Gallowbrothers Band (formerly One Inch of Shadow). With both bands recorded 11 CDs (on labels such as Last Visible Dog, Nefryt, MonotypeRec) and included a lot of tracks in compilations all around the world. Conducts label cat|sun, and along with Jakub Mikołajczyk – MonotypeRec. Graphic designer in Bocian Records. He was also editor-in-chief of the magazine M|I. With Marcin Łojek (Mantichora) & Krzysztof Sobolewski he runs - polish blog about modular synthesizers & XAOC Devices - small butique company developing modular synths. His solo music is sometimes gentler than field recordings, which he likes to use. Sometimes repetitive but it can also be characterized by subcutaneous rapacity. Usually the sound is based on analog synthesizers, guitars, trumpets and acoustic instruments that he likes to electrify and process. Mirt also likes to think that his music oscillates between an organic lo-fi, ambient and psychedelia in the broadest sense of the word. Mirt released 6 solo albums (for MonotypeRec, Nefryt, Foxglove/Foxy Digitalis and cat|sun). On stage and in the studio he appeared among others together with TER, Hati, Wolfram, Tomasz Gadomski, Black Forest / Black Sea, Ray Dickaty, Angelica Castelló, Johanes Frish, Ralf Wechowski.
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