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02/11/2015 - 06/11/2015
13/11/2015 - 17:00
01/11/2015 - 15/11/2015
Mikko Kanninen
Mikko Kanninen is an architect who lives and works in Hailuoto, Finland. Mikko runs an architectural office SAIKA design together with Tiina Sainila. Their main focus is in architectural design, but the aim is to do different kind of artistic projects every once in a while.

Mikko's field of interest goes beyond architecture: Mikko has done a lot of snow building planning in co-operation with Snowhow Oy, he has directed/made a couple of music videos, his cartoons have been published in newspapers and he has hosted sound workshops for the elderly.

Mikko has worked for Hai Art (local arts organization, Soccos-partner) as a workshop leader for both kids and seniors. SAIKA design's snow building project "Kiemura" started the ongoing co-operation with Hai Art.
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