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01/01/2010 - 20/03/2010
20/03/2010 - 20:30
McCloud Zicmuse

I am an intermedia artist who translates possibilities into reality. I come from a combination of traditional education and self-directed learning & life experiences. This composite of knowledge allows me to express and develop ideas skillfully through various media. I work primarily with music, installations, graphic design, textiles, & film. The unifying factor in the work is that of giving form to, and sharing the present: the ephemeral moment. My projects range from personal, autobiographical projects, to large scale cooperative installations.My collaborative projects transform reality by building communities and architectures that give a plastic form to the limited time and temporary societies in which they are created. My personal projects seek to document my momentary experiences on this earth, to share with fellow human beings, and to manufacture items for which I have immediate need such as hats, clothes or bags.My projects are always based on the materials at hand and people who work with me. My goal is to make art that is a learning experience for myself and those who collaborate with me.
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