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16/06/2024 - 17h (doors 16h30) - free
Marnie Slater
Marnie Slater (b. Aotearoa New Zealand) is a visual artist who lives in Brussels. Marnie's work engages with multiple formats, including sculpture, collaboration, editing, performance, painting and installation. Like her solo work, Marnie's long-term collaborations are led by queer and feminist politics and desires. She is co-curator of Buenos Tiempos, Int. and a team member of Mothers & Daughters – A Lesbian* and Trans* Bar*. Marnie is currently teaching on the AdMa program at Sint Lucas Antwerpen, where has just completed a three-year research trajectory on process tools for queer, feminist and anti-racist collaborative art making. Marnie is part of SPIN, a Brussels-based support and research platform for artists.
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