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22/07/2024 - 18/08/2024
María Castro
María Castro is a Colombian-born composer, sound artist and game audio designer based in Madrid - Spain, who explores the intersection of science, art, and interactive technology in her work. With a special focus on electroacoustic composition and influenced by electronic music and soundscapes, she has a bachelor's degree in Contemporary Music Composition and is currently pursuing a master's in Electroacoustic Composition and New Media at Katarina Gurska, in Spain. Inspired by female electronic music pioneers such as Pauline Oliveros, Annea Lockwood, Suzanne Ciani and Beatriz Ferreyra, María employs a creative methodology that combines research and experimentation, both with software and hardware tools to generate, shape, and manipulate sound. Her professional experience extends to the video game industry and interactive media, where she works as a sound designer, technical audio programmer and music composer. She has collaborated and directed in a variety of international and interdisciplinary projects, including video games, sound art installations, electronic arts projects, and immersive VR/AR experiences and digital media.
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