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03/04/2017 - 22/04/2017
Marco Lampis
Marco Lampis is a Brussels based Italian artist. He studied visual art in Bologna and Berlin, attends workshops with John Duncan and Yona Friedman. He likes to say that sometimes he creates sound installations without sound as if symbolically the eye formed the ear and vice-versa: to listen with our own eyes, looking with our own ears. Using different media such as wax, polystyrene, mirrors or cement, his works explores the border between body, objects and architecture towards an installation practice in which sometimes the sound is present, but not necessarily. At the same time, he produces sound pieces in which he attempts to describe (or analyze) objects. His work is inspired by the rhetorical figure of the Ekphrasis that indicates the verbal description of a visual art work, such a painting, a sculpture or an architectural work.
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