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03/11/2021 - 21/12/2021
Lenyema Okiteke
Drummer-percussionist and studio musician Lenyema Okiteke (1995, DR Congo) is a composer of experimental music who lives and works in Lubumbashi. A graduate in Latin philosophy from the University of Lubumbashi and a self-taught musician, his music today lies on the border between rhythm and memory. Obsessed with his childhood memories, he inhabits the story of his father, a Tetela trader whose trade was confined to central Congo and who spent all his free time teaching his son Luba percussion. Lenyema's inhabitation of his father's story is not a fight, but an association between his music and his imagination. Lenyema's hypothesis, linked to his father's background as an anthropologist rather than a trader, allows him to compare indigenous post-colonial trading systems with those of the multinationals present in his country today. His use of sound archives allows him to explore complex rhythmic atmospheres based on experimental compositional techniques: Minimalism, Electroacoustics. Imposing in the writing of his compositions, complex rhythmic signatures "7/8, 5/4, 6/8" - which are generally a meeting between the archives and his rhythmic patterns - Lenyema emphasizes the discomfort or discomfort, both in the brain and the body (pulsation), that these signatures can generate. His rhythmic, compositional or performative concerns impose themselves as an 'unconventional' artistic gesture and contradict general cultural stereotypes about the deliberate tendency to limit Congolese cultural heritage music to folklorisation or categorisation.
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