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22/07/2024 - 18/08/2024
Laura Zapata
Laura Zapata is a Colombian composer, Master in Music with an emphasis on Composition, currently pursuing a Master's in Artistic Teaching of Electroacoustic Composition / New Media at the KATARINA GURSKA Higher Center in Madrid, Spain. In her creative journey, she has immersed herself in experiences with soundscapes, minimalism, deep listening, electroacoustics, live coding, performance, and sound art. She has a special interest in interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research, as well as in fostering critical thinking through music that can be expressed in sound and musical creations advocating for the visibility of social issues and vulnerable populations. Over the past years, Laura has specialized in digital audio synthesis, honing her skills in programming environments such as SuperCollider, Pure Data, Max/MSP, and high-level programs designed for composers and artists.
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